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Often either sis or mom were around, and even though all were fortunate enough to have their own rooms, Jade never felt all that comfortable ‘doing’ it at home.Now here comes a job that would allow her to make enough money to live on her own, AND maybe even look at other young girls exercise and shower!Getting her phys ed degree took 4 years of strenuous work and discipline, but the new job offer seemingly made it all worthwhile, and meant she would soon be able to move out on her own and start a career.

Her image stared back at her with those rare electric-green cat-eyes. Her complexion was fair, and she did not feel comfortable to sunbathe in front of her mom and sister, so she made a mental note to find a tanning salon tonight. At an inch and a half in length when aroused, they were unusually long.(Disclaimer: The following intellectual property is for entertainment purposes of mature persons only.Do not read this story if it is unlawful for you to do so.Because of her shyness, her curious looks at select classmates were brief at best. She did dream of the coming freedoms a steady job would offer. Sometimes she fantasised about boys, and sometimes the girls, very young girls.Playing with herself at home was not always possible when her body demanded it.

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At 5′ 7″ and 105 pounds, her long blonde locks and baby blues were beginning to get her noticed. The first thing that was unusual about this whole family was that their sexual fantasies tended to gravitate towards girls, as much or more, than toward boys.

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