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On Win 10 RTM and 1511, this background will either be a solid color or the neon-blue Windows wallpaper.On 1607, the lock screen image will remain even once the login fields are shown.However, different people connect with different resolutions, and we share the account we use to connect with because we lack individual accounts at present.The different resolutions cause bginfo to write its background at a slightly different offset each time, which means the background is garbled over time.Years ago, Mark Russinovich of Sysinternals fame (since bought by Microsoft) released the BGInfo utility, which served two purposes: to put various system information such as the computer name and free hard drive space on the desktop, and likewise to put the same info on the lock screen.

The utilities folder was seen right away, but the utilities in it were not visable for a while and two restarts.This is the way I make Bg Info work in Windows 2012 (and even Windows 7 too).It is a little different than in the past but I still need my Bg Info info screen displayed so this is what I figured out. Now we have Bg Info configured to be started from the Utilities folder on the Aero desktop, but also to be automatically executed at log in.Before I go any further, I want to clarify the terms I’m using: The is the screen (wallpaper) displayed before a user has logged on, or when the logged-on user locks the computer. In Win 10 RTM and 1511, this disappears before the user is prompted for credentials.The is the screen where a user actually enters their credentials.

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