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This Equestria Girl is a loyal friend who is always looking out for the best interest of the rainbooms. She is a girly pony who doesn't like being dirty, so she's in desperate need of a bath and a bit of a ...

When the sun goes down it's time to get up, go out and meet some new friends!

Selene is a mysterious miss with decadent tastes and a lot of time to kill. It's prom night, and this year a lot of girls are going to take a page from Kristen Stewart and dress up like a romantic vampire's date.

Give this glittering beautiful prom queen an incredible Twi...

Small doujin companies are (in)famous for this sort of thing, as their characters are designed and occasionally modified accordingly to appeal to their fanbase. (when the fan explanation happens to match the one the author(s) had planned all along), Ascended Meme (when this happens to memes), Word of Dante, Canon Immigrant (when elements of an officially licensed non-canonical source find their way into the official canonicity), Official Fan-Submitted Content, Approval of God (when a creator likes a fan work/theory but doesn't make it canonical).

She has in mind a scented bubble bath that will help her relax and forget about the stress. Twilight is taking her turn signing center stage for the Rainbooms! Looks like Twilight got into some dirt while she was practicing her magic in the woods. This mysterious Mr wants only a date, a dance, a romance.Style him and his delicious date in chic suits, skirts and hats for a sharp, classic look. Twilight Sparkle and her pony friends had a great movie night.This Hollywood megastar is as hot as she is cool and that means new styles, new clothes and ...Seize your chance of becoming the most popular celebrity fashion stylist in Hollywood dressing up the hottest couple of the moment!

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