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It is a legal document so some of the language is necessarily “legalese” but we have tried to make it as readable as possible.The Marketing Affiliate Program Agreement applies to your participation in our Marketing Affiliate Program (the “Affiliate Program”).Your acceptance and participation in the Affiliate Program does not mean that you will be accepted into any of our Hub Spot Partner Programs, including our Sales Solutions Partner Program, Sales Referral Partner Program or our Agency Partner Program.In order to participate in these programs, you will need to apply in accordance with the relevant application procedure. Each accepted Affiliate Lead will expire ninety (90) days from the date the Affiliate Lead clicked on the Affiliate Link that was made available by you.Both you and we will have the right to recommend similar products and services of third parties and to work with other parties in connection with the design, sale, installation, implementation and use of similar services and products of third parties.Once you complete an application to become an Affiliate, we will review your application and notify you whether you have been accepted to participate in the Affiliate Program, or not.

If someone joins your site as a paying member, they pay a fee. Then it needs supporting, bug fixes, and most importantly, you need to build the service to critical mass. Someone walks into your freshly built dating shop and they look around.For example, if the initial Customer Transaction is for one user of Sales Pro, and there is a subsequent transaction by that same customer for an additional user of Sales Pro for the same subscription, Affiliate will receive Commission for the initial user purchased only.The Affiliate will not be entitled to receive Commission on any additional purchases of Hub Spot Products by that same Customer.To be eligible for Commission (i) an Affiliate Lead must be accepted and valid in accordance with the ‘Acceptance and Validity’ section, (ii) a Customer Transaction must have occurred (iii) the Customer Transaction must remain in effect for at least sixty (60) days from the date that the initial Customer Transaction occurred.You are not eligible to receive Commission or any other compensation from us based on transactions for Other Products or if: (i) such compensation is disallowed or limited by federal, state or local law or regulation in the United States or the laws or regulations of your jurisdiction; (ii) the applicable Customer objects to or prohibits such compensation or excludes such compensation from its payments to us or Hub Spot Affiliates; (iii) the Customer has paid or will pay such commissions, referral fees, or other compensation directly to you, (iv) the Commission payment has been obtained by fraudulent means, misuse of the Affiliate Link, in violation of any Affiliate Program Policies that we make available to you, misuse of the Affiliate Tool or by any other means that we deem to breach the spirit of the Marketing Affiliate Program, or (v) the Customer participates in any of our partner programs, including our Agency Partner Program, Sales Referral Partner Program or Sales Solutions Partner Program and is eligible to receive commission in relation to the Customer Transaction under any of these programs.

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People who have been married for three years, people who have moved onto other dating sites... If you have it in your mind that you want to eventually start your own service, you should negotiate with them up front about the terms for eventually pulling a copy of the profiles of the members you generate into the network, away for yourself.

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