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If you click on the Game Discussion, it will show you how to get all of the endings... I found the death ending quick enough followed by the unusal couple, scared, and becomming a vampire, but I can`t seem to figure out the others. Beyond that loved the game, or as much as I`ve seen.

Game is fantastic, but I`ve only gotten 3 endings so far, haven`t had a lot of time to experiment with things. when she says not to shine the flashlight in her face.

@morphumax3985 no offense intended but lets face it porn games aren`t known for quality visuals, be great-full that its this good, and plus i never had a problem for disproportional girls i fapped to a barbie doll when i was a kid (compare an old barbie doll to a real girl and you will know exactly what im talking about; legs, chest, face, the whole thing is off) Nice dark game. If possible, take the gaming scene to the next level.

goth vampires=frickin hot sex nice.2 things that might be added if you guys are thinking of a sequel (please make one or heck make two) animation and character sounds other than that it`s already a great game.

Music gets a bit old after awhile and some sounds would be nice, other than that one of the best I`ve played in a while. do it and die and start over and then everytime you go to turn the light on her bloodlust goes up without you shining it in her face.

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I got the best ending right of the bat, but no secrets.

This is a great game, nice graphics, hot goth chick. I`ve only been able to get 6 of the supposed 7 endings.

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