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The site also features sections for jobs, dating and small business advertising.

There is even a category where users can try to make a missed connection, such as finding that girl in the Camry he locked eyes with on Interstate 95.

For these reasons, many online buyers and sellers eschew Craigslist in favor of several alternatives.

The following sites represent the best alternatives to Craigslist as of 2015.

Trove works similarly, only users are not looking for love; they are looking to buy and sell products and services within various categories.

Potential buyers in those categories, similar to Tinder users, swipe right and swipe left based on interest level when an ad appears on the screen.

A lot of people are more comfortable selling on Facebook than on Craigslist or other classified sites because they are dealing with friends or, at worst, friends of friends, as opposed to strangers.

News reports have featured documented cases of robberies and violence stemming from botched Craigslist transactions.

With a few clicks, a buyer can sort items within a category by price, distance or how recently the post was made.

Sellers in popular categories, such as real estate and automotive, complain that within 15 minutes of their posts going live, they are already relegated to the second page, having been supplanted by dozens of more recent ads from competitors.

Craigslist has also long been a magnet for scam artists.

EBay Classifieds harnesses the power of e Bay, the largest online auction site in the world and, incidentally, the sixth most-popular website in the U.

S., three spots higher than Craigslist, and channels it into a local classified site with a format similar to that of Craigslist.

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Trove is a smartphone app that follows the format revolutionized by dating app Tinder.

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