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There are over 260 niche dating sites within Passions Network and members interested in access to all sites in the network can upgrade to ‘Network Wide Access’ for a one time (currently discounted) payment of .95 (normally .95). So best take them to your vet in Germany, Thank-you Stacey522! My advice is that you drive down to Switzeland on a working day and that you choose a small border office like the one that is at Hohenstein am Hochrhein they just chek what people from Switzerland buy across the border. We obtained the European Pet Passport from the vet in Paris (as we provided all the paperwork from the US).He also inserted the chip, we did not do that in the US as the chips are not compatible with European readers.All of their shots are up to date still but I read on the Swiss Veterinary website that they must have a valid European Pet Passport since they will be coming from a European country. Will all the paperwork I had at the airport in Frankfurt suffice? In real life you can bring a cat from Germany into Switzerland without papers (after all, the cat can walk across the border unmolested). We travel with our cat from the UK to Switzerland often. When we take the Eurotunnel to England the animal control officer passes a loop over our cat's neck to detect the chip and match it with his documents. On top of the €50 or so for veterinary treatment within 24 hours of travel. Since vets in France are closed on Sunday they fill out the papers according to the law, not the facts. They do have the proper international microchip..had to special order it when we were still in the US! I'm ready to finally settle us all down, moving is alot of work.Our daughter, who brought her cat from New York to Paris, needed to have a second chip injected. I'm sorry to say there "european chip" doesn't really exist, when you enter in one country, like spain they can ask to put a spanish chip in your do.

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