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The "About Me" section can serve as a litmus test for the obvious qualities you might look for in a mate like literacy and critical thinking skills.However, uncovering more covert quirks like narcissism or lack of anger management takes a bit more time and effort.Ives lathered skin bathing under flickering fluorescent lights that you need capture the moment so it can live in perpetuity on the internets. If you are this person, I'm going to go ahead and say it: bathroom selfies are for 13-year-olds. You have a camera on the front of your phone and other rooms in your house or apartment, so make a &$^#% effort!This 45-year-old man has a used washcloth hanging on the open shower curtain, the dirty mirror, the diarrhea brown tank top and a wedding ring. I imagine as kids these people were horrible at Hide and Seek.If you're going to be deceptive, you need to be better at deception.Single people will hone in on a ring before they notice someone's face.

A party full of three types of people: nineteen-year-olds high on molly, 45-year-olds housewives on a girl's night out and us, a couple too old to be in there, screaming across a loudspeaker, "So where are do you see yourself in five years?!"As much as I would like to think that these scenarios could have been avoided, sometimes an online profile can't foretell these situations.You never know what type of weirdness and contradictions lie behind the eyes of someone's "normal looking" pictures but good news between their profile and DMs you will get clues.Here is an example of someone exaggerating their highest level of education.In a world where voice recognition exists, there's no excuse for this.

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Look, quirky is for lovable sitcom characters, not blind dates.

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