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Everyone wanted to serve me - not because of money I had - but because they wanted to show me around their wonderful and beautiful city.

So I decided to talk to a few of them in person and asked them a few "mass" critical questions like: - do you the right hot spots in town - there was one who hit the right button - "saab, MAIN aap ki puri sewa karne tayaar hoon" (Sir, I'm here to serve all your needs).

So I picked him, and naturally, all other whom I hadn't picked were disappointed.

I then asked the driver if he knew of a place(s) where there were ladies dancing to music - dancing bars or Mujra places. Sir, dancing bars have been banned in city of Mumbai for the last couple of years.

Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is the capital of the state of Maharashtra.

It is one of the largest urban agglomerations in the world and is the financial and business hub of India.

Spread over several nodes, Navi Mumbai is connected by rail and road to Mumbai.The city has spread over what were originally seven islands.This has acted as a natural constraint on expansion.But sir, I know of this one place - its about a 25 minutes ride from here - its Mujra place - but not a dancing bar.Its a private place where ladies dance to the music but no is served but you can buy your own alcohol from outside and take it in.

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