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Online dating can also result in certain negative experiences as well.

For example, online dating is less personal than traditional dating is.

Users of large online dating sites are confronted with vast numbers of candidates to browse through and communicate with.

To help them in their endeavor and to cope with information overload, recommender systems can be utilized.

Because of this, the services are useful in helping people overcome the feelings of vulnerability that often arises when trying to meet new people at a bar or other public place (Hill and Walmsley 48).

Yet another advantage of the online dating experience is that it forces people "to judge others initially on their ideas rather than on their physical appearance," and thus "enables individuals to connect on a very different level than they might face-to-face" ("Online Dating" n. In short, online dating is a good way to get to know somebody before meeting face to face and is thus a good way to "weed out" undesirable prospects while avoiding the kinds of pitfalls that are associated with traditional forms of dating.

Conclusion Along with this, some people are attracted to online dating because it helps to reduce the negative psychological impact of rejection (which might occur, for example, when one is turned down in a nightclub or a bar).

Although there are various positive aspects associated with the phenomenon of online dating, there are also some negative aspects to be found in the experience as well.

Because of these factors, online daters are often greatly disappointment when they finally make contact in the offline world.

Despite being a relatively young industry, online dating has already become one of the most profitable types of business to be found on the Internet.

Online dating services currently attract millions of users every day, and the industry as a whole is making hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

Online questionnaires can also feel like an intrusion of one's privacy.

In 2003, Internet Magazine had two reporters (one male and one female) ..more.

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In addition, in online dating profiles, people often appear to be different than they really are.

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