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A few turns on the clamp holding the fucking machine to the bench and the end of the dildo was lodged firmly against his ass hole. Mom was laughing here head off as Trish and I tortured the two men and tried to finger fuck each other at the same time. I jammed three fingers up his ass and twisted and pinched so he'd draw up even more. jimmyslut's whole body pulled as far away from my hand as it could. So we tore some of the bedding up, busted up a chair and poured some of the cabins head down in the flames. Knowing more about him, about his goals, his aspiration, what he intended to do with his life, well it made it more exciting when I took away his hopes and his dreams and his future. I picked up the remote from the cup holder in the center console and pressed the red button. So I jammed the stun gun between his legs again and squeezed the trigger. It wasn't as fun as using a strapon on a live victim but what the hell. So I knew killing Charlie had been good and right and fun. I dragged the plastic bag with his stuff over to my car, opened the trunk then slipped out of my gloves and top, took off the leather pants, kicked off the boots and put it all in the bag with the rest. Well, Daddywasn I'm not sure if I enjoyed it any more than Mom did though. At least I hope so.""You didn't do anything sweetie. I even picked through his tools and took what I thought were the most valuable, a drill and some sort of saw like contraption. I pulled Charlie's pants down to his knees and shoved the pipe up his ass. And as it turned out when I started snuffing my various husbands for profit I'm glad my suburban neighbors were in the dark about how I liked to have fun. Well, all but one subbie little detective I knew and used before I snuffed him too. I unwound the wire, took the bag off his head, got out and locked up the truck. Wedidn't even bother trying to get any sleep we were so excited. I pulled the end free and ran it through the posts in the head rest. I liked to get intimate with my boys when I tortured them. I hate to break it to you like this but you might not make it baby. Frank setup a fake company, bought the place and I'm still using it today more than a dozen years later. When he saw my new fucking machine jimmyslut started to hyperventilate. I cut and burned his pants off and just ripped his shirt from his body. There were no clothes for him here, no way to hide his body from me. Put a three inch diameter dildo on the thing and you wouldn't believe how loud you can make a boy scream. His butt hole was completely exposed and his cock and balls dangled off the edge of the bench. I don't film all my boys but jimmyslave already seemed special. But just to make sure I anchored the fucker to jimmyslut's bench with two steel rods custom made for just such a purpose. You'll know better the next time we fuck your butt. I'm going for eight inches of penetration right away. He was already shaking so hard even his ass hole was bouncing around. It's some sort of electronic brain that can control the speed and the depth of the fuck. His screams started to sound more like an animal's than anything human. And that's what it was all about, me having a fantastic time at my slut's expense. Mom said it didn'tcount if he passed out but his heart didn't stop. They knew exactly how my Aunt plannedon dealing with them. Mom gave Tricia one and the three of us went to fetch her Dad. He spassed out so Mom and I could jam our stun guns in his crotch and let the man have a good long jolt. Tricia tossed some of his jeans and shirts in a duffle bag, I grabbed his fishing gear out of the garage and twenty minutes after getting there we left for the cabin with two men bound and gagged on the floor of Daddy Doing our Dads at the cabin was marvelous. Mom said we could do just about anything we wanted except break bones. I was the last sight my Dad saw when his heart stopped and his eyes glazed over and his silly life drained away for good. The chain I'd cuffed his feet to went under the seat and up the seat back to a Velcro strap. I'd keep a boy there for a day or two but I decided not to snuff them at home. So I spent the next four days with a realtor looking for a play space and eventually found the old warehouse. And nobody's come snooping around to see what's going on inside. I'd stripped his clothes off when I'd unloaded him from the SUV. And an excellent way to impress a boy with just how hopeless his situation is. Fifteen minutes of hard butt fucking and the boy was incoherent. Just because I wanted to have a little fun with a virgin. I was fitting the massive dildo on my fuck machine. I had his ankles cuffed to an overhead frame so his legs were spread real wide. Once we get this one started I'll roll my old fucking machine over to the head of the bench so I can fuck your throat at the same time. " Before I moved the machine over I setup the video camera. I was going to call her and tell her all about jimmyslut. I can raise the wheels once it's in place and the whole machine settles down nice and solid on big rubber feet. So I used a feature I had added to my fuck machine. Iit might punch the dildo in ten inches for a few times at about sixty times a second then change to half a dozen six inch penetrations at 240 beats per minute. And from the way all the boys react I Jimmylut did good on what I like to call the wild pony ride. Itwas after midnight and we were just getting started on him. She snuck up behind him and let his have it in the neck.As I pulled onto the ramp the SUV's headlights swept across a boy standing by the road. And we load those fools up with life insurance and snuff them because it makes us rich. Tricia used her sharp fingernail to trace each of the two inch high letters. And I want his tongue wet and sloppy when I slid my hot little pussy down on it. Andrews cross next to jimmyslutt watch each other get tortured together.

But mostly tying up my Tommy and Billy so I can whip them and burn them and rape their little boy butts with my massive dildos is a pleasant way to pass the time until something better comes along. So what if I Obviously I don't flaunt my darker inner needs out in public. But time is of the essence when you're snatching a boy off the street. The ankle cuffs were attached to a chain running under his seat. I keep the stun gun and the cuffs and chain and shock collar pre-positioned. At least for me." I'd decided to let this one know right away what was in store for him. Frank had to take three days off work I beat him so bad. And I certainly wasn't going to show him any mercy. I used just enough lube to let me jam my hand up his ass. So I wheeled my fucking machine over."See jimmyslave. It helps women like Trish and me get in the mood by watching torture vids. After setting up the camera it was easy getting things lined up to fuck jimmyslut. So keeping Daddy alive for three days of unendingtorture makes perfect sense if you're a sadistic bitch girl like me. When Mom took off the smoke mask Dad seemed real pale. So what if my interest in my son's friends has nothing to do with whether or not they're good influences on him or not. But my cute little hitchhiker didn't know that about me yet. So he felt safe and comfortable getting into my car. I fired off another good five second jolt into the boy's gonads and enjoyed watching his body's agonized dance. So first I cuffed his hands behind his seat then I cuffed his ankles. So I know I can get a kid cuffed and chained in little more than a minute. Snuffing my plumber had put me in a really good mood, a really wicked mood. And of course my fingers managed to slip up that tight young hole a few times while I worked the goo up his ass. That's why I rammed my fit in and out like that jimmyslut. And it stayed tight and clenched and super sensitive long after I'd tired of fist fucking him. And I knew she'd want to see how the preliminaries went with the victim before we killed the boy. And then I explained some things to my prey."Well baby. And making themdie over and over again until their poor little brains turn to mush just givesus orgasm after orgasm. I know two other Moms at my son's school who torture boys. And like me I figure they make their own opportunities when they can. He tried to scream but his jaw was locked up as wave after wave of delicious agony washed over his body. I laughed and shoved the gun between his legs again. After getting rid of that I went home and taught Frank a lesson he'd never forget. When I got bored with that I shoved my hand in as far as I could and started pinching things. The worst part is when I penetrated past your sphincter isn't it sweetie. So I get boy's whose sphincter muscle wears out after just a few thrusts of my fist in and out. I don't know what kind of exercises swimmer do but the kid had one of the tightest asses I'd ever fisted. I left one end poking out his butt so I could pull the wad out later. So prolonging their agony simply prolongs our pleasure. And laughed when he scrunched up his butt and pulled away. Having ten inches of thick hard dildo thrusting in and out of your almost virgin butt a hundred times a minute is a rather rude way to start your evening. As for me watching him fight and scream and jerk and bang his head against the bench it was perfect. You have to make sure their lungs are full of smoke and the inside of their throats are seared so the investigators know they were alive and breathing when the fire killed them. I have a thing for nice, polite good looking young boys. I set the depth dial and the speed dial and rotated the gear by hand until I had the dildo pressed up against his ass. Then he caught his breath enough to beg me to turn it off. Fifty or so insanely sharp needles stuck under their finger nails, well, that Mom had experience setting men on fire and making it look like an accident.

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