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22 blūkstu, blukti — brangumynai blūkstu (blūksztu), blukti (blūkszti) 'schlaff, welk wer- den' (von den Muskeln)— Ber. See next, bodiius (Ness., Kur., Uh., W.; bodžiis Schleicher, Lesk.), bostis (bodėtis) 'sich vor etwas ekeln' — Uh. A considerable proportion of the words included in the present work are not to be found in the dictionaries. Such words have been traced, so far as possible, to their source, or to within one reference of their source.

/JAclf bloszkiu, blokszti 'seitwarts schleudern' — W. Furthermore, the fluidity of the language, its relative want of written or literary traditions, its tendency to sec- ondary formation of words, its subjection internally to V 4^84 85 VI INTRODUCTORY numerous dialectic disturbances and externally to various systems of orthography, all frequently interfere with the determination of individual forms under which the etymo- logical material may be conveniently arranged. It would have been desirable to bring more closely together all re- lated material under more readily accessible heads; but at the same time it seemed important for the immediate pur- pose of the Index to preserve in its alphabetical order the integrity of the Lithuanian vocabulary. braidžoju (bradžoju), braidzoti (bradžoti) Svaten'— B. brangūs — briaujus, briautis 23 brangus 'teiier, kostbar' — Uh.

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blandūs "biindig", 'nicht wasserig' (von der Suppe) : see Lesk.

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