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Jono started the microwave and soon the enchanting fragrance of vanilla was wafting out of it! It had crusted over some and taken on a custardy texture! But that means I should take out the candy before it starts to burn!"Wow," Jono thought with excitement and just a hint of fear, "I've never seen or tasted anything like this before! The microwave had just told Jono that the candy mixture might be all done, so he brought the mug out (carefully - it was hot! Now the mixture was more like something halfway between doughnut jelly and cake! So Jono set the microwave for again and put the mug back in. " Jono was thinking exclusively in exclamations, a sign of just how exciting was this unfolding candy event."He put the mug back in the microwave and let it continue cooking. After about a minute of cooking, a familiar smell made its debut out of the microwave."Mmmm! Jono removed the mug from the microwave and poked at the candy thing with a fork.For no longer could what was in the mug easily be called a mixture - it was too hard and cohesive for that - yet at the same time it was too amorphous to be dubbed simply candy.But now the candy thing was cool enough that Jono could carefully pry it apart with his teeth!

Having noticed the case bond investors are making for low interest rates, by bringing the 10 year Treasury Note to 4.14%, I have just been reading Pete Peterson's book "Running on Empty." Reading Peterson, I assume that there will come a time when bond investors ask significantly higher interest rates to hold Treasury debt.

He also frames Muslims as responsible for Terre Haute Holocaust fire.

If someeone were saying the same things about any other group, he would be in a big trouble.

Once he had eaten the entire candy thing, Jono took some time to reflect.

He resolved to go lighter on the cornstarch and vanilla next time (perhaps egg whites and almond extract would be suitable replacements?? He also took some pictures of the remaining sugar crust and chocolate syrup, which were busy doing an uncanny impersonation of dried, grossly discolored Superglue, so that he could show them to his friends on his blog and help them experience a bit of the same queasiness that he had just endured.

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I am officially declaring Josh Claybourn dot come a hate site.

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